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GG30 is a Whole Food Derived Powder that helps you achieve your Optimal Daily Intake of Vegetables, Fruits, Vitamins, and Minerals.  Just add one scoop to water, juice, or your favorite smoothie.  It’s that simple!

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GG30 NUTRITION – “Created from Necessity”

Our mission here at GG30 is ambitious and purpose-driven to help people worldwide. We believe the human body was created with the ability to defeat disease, stay healthy and maximize its full mental and physical potential if given all the necessary nutrients. We have combined every essential known in our unique formula giving you what you need to feel better, look better, and perform better every day for a better quality of life. We strive to be leaders in the movement for a healthier world. Helping you fuel your body for optimal health is at the forefront of our mission.

GG30 is a Whole Food Derived Powder that helps reach the Optimal Daily Intake Of Vegetables, Fruits, Vitamins, And Minerals. With the depletion of our soil’s nutrients from modern farming practices, it has become more difficult to find optimal nutrition through diet alone. We’ve Formulated With That In Mind.

Each Serving Includes:

✔️ Organic Vitamins & Minerals ✔️ Essential Micro Minerals ✔️Plant Derived Trace Minerals ✔️Omega 3 Fatty Acids ✔️ Super Fruits & Vegetables ✔️Prebiotic Oligosaccharides ✔️Mushroom Blend ✔️Adaptogenic Herbs ✔️Spirulina & Chlorella ✔️Red, Yellow & Black Maca ✔️Pea & Brown Rice Protein

Complete Ingredient List:

ORGANIC VITAMIN & MINERAL BLEND: (From curry, guava, lemon, amla, holy basil & annatto) Organic Beta Carotene (mixed carotenoids) 250 IU Organic Vitamin B1 (thiamine HCI) 6.25 mg Organic Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 6.25 mg Organic Vitamin B3 (niacin) 8.75 mg Organic Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) 15 mg Organic Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCI) 12.5 mg Organic Vitamin B9 (folic acid) 100 mcg Organic Biotin 25 mcg Organic Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 125 mg Organic Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) 20 mg Organic Iron 4.5 mg Organic Selenium 17.5 mcg Organic Zinc 1.875 mg Organic Copper .375 mcg Organic Manganese .5 mg Organic Potassium 5 mg Organic Calcium 5 mg

ADDITIONAL VITAMIN & MINERAL BLEND: Vitamin D2 (as ergocalciferol) 250 IU Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) 50 mcg Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) 25 mg Methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM) 250 mg Calcium Citrate 125 mg Magnesium Citrate 62.5 mg Phosphorus Chelate 62.5 mg Potassium Citrate 20 mg Horsetail Silica 5 mg Zinc Citrate 3.75 mg Manganese Citrate .75 mg Boron Citrate .75 mg Copper Citrate .25 mg Kelp Iodine .375 mg Chromium Chloride 25 mcg Molybdenum Citrate 6.25 mcg Vanadium Citrate 2.5 mcg

TRACE MINERAL BLEND: 74 Trace Minerals (from humic shale) 125 mg

ORGANIC GREEN GRASS BLEND: Barley Grass (young leaves) 187.5 mg Oat Grass (young leaves) 187.5 mg

VEGETABLE BLEND: Tomato 75 mg Spinach (freeze-dried) 62.5 mg Kale (freeze-dried) 62.5 mg Broccoli (drum dried) 62.5 mg Cauliflower 37.5 mg Quercetin 37.5 mg Carrot 37.5 mg Cabbage 25 mg

FRUIT BLEND: Pineapple (from juice concentrate) 50 mg Papaya (freeze-dried) 50 mg Acai Extract (4:1) 50 mg Goji Berry Extract (2:1) 25 mg Muscadine Grape Seed 25 mg Camu Camu Extract 25 mg Acerola Extract 25 mg Mangosteen 25 mg Noni 25 mg

MUSHROOM BLEND: Agaricus Blazei 12.5 mg Cordyceps Extract (8:1) 12.5 mg Maitake 12.5 mg Reishi 12.5 mg Shiitake 12.5 mg

HERBAL BLEND: Ginseng Panax Root 25 mg Ginkgo Biloba Leaf 25 mg Green Tea Leaf 25 mg Cinnamon Bark Extract (4:1) 12.5 mg Turmeric Root Extract (4:1) 12.5 mg Milk Thistle Extract 12.5 mg Artichoke Leaf 12.5 mg Ginger Root 12.5 mg Rhodiola Rosea Extract (10:1) 2.5 mg Eleuthero Root Extract (50:1) Schisandra Berry Extract 2.5 mg Ashwagandha Root 2.5 mg Jiaogulan Extract 2.5 mg Astragalus Root 2.5 mg Dandelion Root 2.5 mg Tangerine Rind 2.5 mg Suma Root 2.5 mg

FATTY ACID/OMEGA 3 BLEND: White Chia Seed 2,225 mg Sunflower Lecithin (non-GMO/Gum Arabic) 250 mg DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) 25 mg

AMINO ACID/PROTEIN BLEND: Pea Isolate (80% protein) 3,750 mg Germinated Rice (80% protein) 2,500 mg Maca Extract (4:1 red, yellow, black) 750 mg Cracked Cell Chlorella 250 mg Spirulina 250 mg