GG 30 NUTRITION - "Created from Necessity"

Everyone calls me Smidi. I’m a pharmacist that dispenses medications, but does not take them.. This is the Green Goal story:
While other companies may come up with elaborate proclamations on how they came into existence, GG30 Nutrition started in a hospital room. My wife of fifteen years was having severe autoimmune complications. While her doctor was uncertain as to the cause, he felt that it may be related to her gallbladder and recommended its removal. We trusted his judgement and went ahead with the surgery in the hope that it would provide relief from her symptoms. After some time had passed, I remember coming home from work one day to find my wife finishing some housework. It was then that I noticed a tear on her cheek and asked if she was okay. She quietly said “No, not really.” At that moment, I realized the removal of her gallbladder did not provide the relief we’d hoped for and we still didn’t know what was wrong.

Back to the doctor, and he was still scratching his head as to what the cause might be and recommended an exploratory surgery to find out. At that point, what choice did we have? I love my wife more than words can express, and I was powerless to help her without knowing what was wrong. As our only option, we went ahead with the surgery. I remember the doctor coming out afterwards, as doctors do, and telling me; “I have good news and bad news. The good news is I didn’t find anything. The bad news is I still don’t know what the problem is”. My blood began to boil with anger. In disbelief, I remember thinking; you just cut my wife open, again, to tell me nothing? I won’t share with you the other thoughts I had at that moment, but needless to say it shattered my confidence in modern medicine.

Finally, after months of trying to medicate and diagnose the problem, we learned what it was. We also learned there was no medical cure. It had gone undiagnosed for 35 years and had finally begun taking a toll on her organs. We struggled for a long time trying to figure out how she could get sufficient nutrients from a digestive system that was severely compromised.

Then we heard through our community of friends that there was an amazing nutritional consultant nearby named Daniel Sienkiewicz. He had become recognized locally after helping a young women out of a disastrous health ailment through nutritional healing. We quickly called him to meet and discovered we shared the belief, that if you give the human body the elements and balance it’s intended to have, it will become and remain healthy and realize its full physical potential. We purchased the individual products Dan recommended and my wife started his program. It took some time, but it worked! Dan’s program provided the relief from severe autoimmune complications we had been seeking, but could not find from surgeries and medications.


As a result of Dan’s expertise, and our shared commitment to help others by developing a comprehensive nutritional product based on his program, we together came up with the All-In-One Formula that today is the cornerstone of GG 30 Nutrition.Prior to its creation, my wife was taking more than 15 different supplements daily to help with her deficiencies.

After recommending the new product to a friend who wanted a healthy alternative to replace her daily pill regimen, it immediately became the only product she and her family used. GG 30 Nutrition was born and has since been passed on, one by one, to people who were looking for a “Health Partner” to assist them in the Quest to achieve and maintain their own good health. Because they cared and shared, it quickly became for many, their only source of nutrient replacement and balance, as we hope it will become yours.

Join us in The Quest for Essential Health as we lead the movement to a healthier world!

H. Smidi

President & C.E.O.

Green Gold Nutrition, LLC