What are trace minerals and their significance? 

Trace minerals are elements that are vital for optimum health of the body and are only needed in quantities of  micrograms(mcg) instead of milligrams(mg). For example​ chromium​  is a trace mineral that regulates blood sugar which is especially beneficial for diabetics and those who are insulin resistant.

The trace minerals Copper and Iron ​support the building of red blood cells and transportation of oxygen to the tissues of the body from the respiratory organs, known as Hemoglobin.

Selenium and molybdenum, support normal growth of the body and more. Also the trace minerals,​  zinc, iodine, and potassium​ provide wound healing, muscle contraction, and thyroid support.  The heart is dependent on potassium for every heartbeat. Potassium also prevents fluid retention in the tissues, which is often manifested as swelling in the feet and ankles.

Manganese​ is a brain and nerve mineral. Poor memory may be an indication of manganese deficiency or out of balance in the body. Manganese acts upon the linings of the brain and cranium, upon nerve conduction and tubular walls of the nerves and nerve trunks.  It gives us strong nerves, coordinates our thoughts and quick recuperative abilities.  Manganese is called the “love” element​  because signs of deficiency are vindictiveness, and meanness. In the absence of manganese, an animal loses the maternal desire to nurse its young.

Manganese influences the body in much the same way as does iron, performing similar functions. Hence, iron rich foods are also good sources of manganese. Almonds, beans, celery, raw egg yolk, steel cut oats, and pineapple are a few of the foods containing manganese.

Signs of ​manganese deficiency​ are ailments worse at night; profuse burning perspiration, mental confusion, headache from any motion, swollen glands, anger, depression, cracking joints, aversion to being touched, impatience, anxiety, gout symptoms, the mind has a tendency to stray, susceptible to absentmindedness, the future looks gloomy, appetite for food is reduced greatly, coffee may be the dietary staple, and nightmares.

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